Wednesday, 17 December 2014

War Diaries - Early bird offer closes soon!

I've just been sent a reminder by Naval & Military Press that the early bird offer on their War Diaries CD ROM ends on the 22nd December.

Have you been good this year? Well if you have, treat yourself to this CD ROM and save yourself a hundred quid. Better still, get the missus or fella to stump up instead. After 22nd December this essential resource is going to cost £450. Buy it now for £350.

Remember too that Naval & Military Press offers EASY PAYMENT options. Spread the cost of this over four or twelve months and pay NO INTEREST.


  1. This seems to be a con as they are now available on Ancestry.

  2. It's hardly a con, is it? You either pay for a sub with Ancestry and get the diaries as part of this sub, or you decide to make a one-time investment in the CD ROM from Naval & Military Press. Either way, you have a choice. I would imagine though, that in the long run, Ancestry will have a more complete offering than the Naval & Military Press version.