Thursday, 22 December 2016

Charles Booth's poverty maps 1898-1899

This is not a strictly Army Ancestry related post, but it may be of interest to anyone who has London ancestors.

It has been a while since I looked at the Charles Booth poverty maps online. I stopped by there today and what a transformation! The site has been massively upgraded and is considerably easier to use than it was previously. Maps can be searched, and even if the place of interest falls outside the boundaries of these 1898-1899 maps, it will still show up on a modern map.  A slider at the bottom of the nineteenth century maps allows you to see the location as it appears today.

Best of all perhaps, the 12 individual maps can all be downloaded - and downloaded as large jpegs for that matter.

As well as the maps, there are also Charles Booth's notebooks, not all of which have been digitised. Nevertheless, these too can be searched from the site.

Both my father's family and my mother's family were firmly rooted in east London, and these maps are therefore very relevant for me, and will also be relevant for various military research projects, I am sure.

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