Thursday, 25 September 2014

No Labour, No Battle

No Labour, No Battle is going to be a very useful reference source for the Labour Corps and, having been out of print for so long, I was very pleased to see that it has been re-printed by Spellmount as a paperback. My copy arrived today and whilst I am delighted with the content, I am singularly unimpressed by the quality of the book which appears to come from the print-on-demand stable with a cover so thin that it is already curling at the corners. For grizzled old military enthusiasts such as me, the point size of the type could also have been larger. The published price is £19.99 (although you can get a few pounds off buying through Amazon), but I would have willingly paid a few pounds more to have a more solid cover and larger type. It's a shame because the content is great and frankly, I'd have expected more from Spellmount.

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