Monday 13 April 2015

"If our researchers can't help you, no-one can..."

So runs the puff from a dismal Forces War site; and this too from a company that will charge you £100 for an individual's service history, give or take a fiver, and take up to 45 days to deliver that research. 

I helped out someone yesterday who had parted with an obscene amount of money in return for three downloads from Ancestry's site. I was able to tell her when her ancestor had joined his regiment (which was not the same as the Derby Scheme enlistment date noted on his medal index card), the likely date that the man arrived in France and when he transferred to another regiment.  I also added contextual information and took time to explain the logic behind my conclusions. All of this was undertaken in 90 minutes for a fraction of that £100 robbery.

So, caveat emptor, and for goodness sake don't believe all that trumpet-blowing from an organisation which may be a legend in its own lunchtime, but is treated with scepticism by most of those who really do know a thing or two about military research.

If you have hit a brick wall in your own military research, do please drop me a line for an honest, no nonsense quote with real value reports rather than just over-priced images poached from rival websites.

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