Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Thuillier Collection - WW1 photographic archive

I came across this archive completely by chance, this morning. It's not a new story by any means but it was news to me and so I thought I'd flag it here.

As the story goes, the so-called Thuillier Collection comprises around 3,000 glass plate negatives of British, Indian, French, Australian and American troops, and even some members of the Chinese Labour Corps. For some unaccountable reason the collection, having lain undisturbed in a Somme barn for close on a hundred years, seems to have been broken up, Australia's Channel 7 having acquired 500 of the plates which depict Australian troops.

Named after the photographers, local farmer Louis Thuillier and his wife Antoinette, I'm sure there must be more reference to The Thuillier Collection online which a basic Google search would uncover. There are certainly some images on this Sunday Night page, all of which can be downloaded with a quick right click and save of the mouse.

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