Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Love is in the Air (and on Land and Sea)

There are over 27 million military records on Findmypast, and with that many names, it is perhaps hardly surprising that there are some men and women whose names strike a particular chord today, 14th February.

6762 individuals have the surname LOVE whilst there are 659 TRUELOVEs, 496 DEARLOVEs, 102 FREELOVEs, 98 MANLOVEs, 28 CATCHLOVEs, 5 FOLLYLOVEs  but only one BIGLOVE

There are 9,023 military records where VALENTINE is the first name, and 132 records for VALENTINE DAY.

40 records return results for the surname CUPID whilst there are 13 men who, allegedly, have the surname ROMANCE (although closer inspection reveals that the majority, were actually called ROMANES). As for Cupid's armoury, there are 207 results for the surname ARROW (and 10 ARROWS).

Finally, there are nearly 24,000 results for the surname ROSE, 187 BOUQUETs but not a single FERRERO ROCHER. Strange, that. Happy Valentine's Day.

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