Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Broughton Troop, Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry

Here's a lovely document, discovered the other day on findmypast when I was looking for specific yeomanry attestations for different regiments. I've not seen this particular declaration before and note that as well as promising to serve Her Majesty, the man also undertakes to provide his own horse; a standard requirement for service in the yeomanry. A man could join a cavalry regiment without knowing the front end of a horse from the rear end. However, as far as the yeomanry was concerned, providing your own horse was a given. Army Orders of 1st January 1893 stated that:
"Every non-commissioned officer and private must ride his own horse, or borrow one, and is required to satisfy the commanding officer that the horse is available whenever wanted. Horses may be hired for the permanent staff and band."
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Image is Crown Copyright, reproduced by permission of the National Archives, London.

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