Thursday, 24 November 2016

Military Tribunals 1916-1918

Here's a link to proceedings from  military tribunals 1916-1918 which are published on Findmypast. I think these are fascinating and I'd' love to see more of them.  Surviving books are few and far between because they were supposed to be destroyed.  Thankfully there were those who disregarded the instruction.

Findmypast has published records for Northamptonshire (transcriptions only), Surrey and Poplar; over twenty-eight thousand records in total, although some names appear many times, the result of multiple appeals either by the man or by the employer on behalf of a man.

Typical information contained in the registers includes:

Applicant's name and occupation
Applicant's address
Applicant's age
Employer's name and business
Employer's address
Nature and grounds of application
Whether application made by the man or the employer
Date of appeal
Date and time of appearance
Outcome of the appeal

So as you can see, there's a lot of infromation there. For men whose applications were refused, cross-check their names on military records such as First World War medal index cards, First World War campaign medal rolls and of course First World War service and pension records (all 4.3m of them).

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