Saturday, 26 November 2016

Scots Guards enlistment registers

Findmypast has just published over 40,000 entries in Scots Guards enlistment registers covering the period 1799 to 1939.

There are three distinct series covered in the new release: officer enlistments, other rank enlistments, and a roll of officers and men who served during the Second Anglo-South African War (2nd Boer War).

The enlistment register format will be familiar to those who have already looked at Royal Tank Corps enlistment registers and Royal Artillery enlistment registers which are also published on Findmypast. As usual, it is the earlier registers which provide the most detail.

In the example below, extracts from the register entries of 4974 Frederick Munday and 4975 John Adamson who enlisted on the 7th and 10th August 1903 respectively, show the level of information packed into these registers.

Frederick Munday won the Military Medal twice whilst John Adamson received gunshot wounds to his left arm and right thigh on the 14th September 1914. His pension award is recorded on this document. Not shown in this extract are the men's next of kin and, in the case of Frederick Munday, his three children, all of whom will have been indexed and are searchable. The men's place of birth and year of birth have also been indexed.

The regimental number field is currently not populating on the free results' screen but this bug, introduced yesterday, is expected to be fixed by Monday, fingers crossed. In the meantime though, these records are hugely important, filling as they do, gaps left by missing service records. For that matter, look out for more Scots Guards records in 2017.

This latest release means that there are now over 65,000 Scots Guards records on Findmypast - and if you click on that last link you'll be able to see them all.

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  1. Hi! I'm having difficulty finding records for my great grandfather. He served in the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards. I have pictures of him in his dress uniform, as well as his medals and some other items that are engraved with his name and rank on some silver mugs.
    I've tried to find him on and on a few other websites but I find nothing!! I'm certain he served, but am baffled by the lack of records. Any direction?

  2. Have you checked the records on Findmypast? There are around 75,000 records of men who served in the Scots Guards. And if he earned medals there will also be medal records for him which you can also check on Findmypast or Ancestry.

  3. am looking for my grandfather too. he was in the same battalion and cant find him .. maybe they was a special opps unit ??