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Old Kilpatrick - Roll of Honour

The forward to this little undated volume reads:

In further remembrance of the Great War (19 14-1919) and of those members of Old Kilpatrick Parish Church who served in it this booklet is now issued. The Congregation has already erected in the Church a bronze memorial tablet containing the names of the thirty-four men who gave their lives and has also dedicated to their memory four suitably inscribed communion patens, while relatives have further presented silver communion cups to commemorate certain individuals.

The names recorded on the following pages have been engrossed in the Kirk Session books for
preservation, and they are now presented in booklet form in order that a copy may, by way
of memorial, be supplied to each family represented on the list.

A specially bound copy will lie in the Church for preservation as the Roll of Honour of the Congregation in lieu of the usual scroll of names.

Every effort has been made to secure accuracy of name and designation in this record. The
list has been twice printed in the Parish Supplement in order that those interested might have
an opportunity of rectifying mistakes; effect has been given to all changes and corrections intimated ; and the Kirk Session will greatly regret if despite these precautions, any mistake occurs in the list.

This Roll of Honour is sent forth with renewed sympathy for those who mourn the unreturning and with thankfulness to Almighty God for the honourable service rendered both by the living and by the dead.

In name oj the Kirk Session,


List of those who gave their lives

Anton, Private, Alex Calder, Royal Scots
Cameron, Sapper, Lewis RE
Cheyne, Private, Geo, 8/10 Gordon Highlanders
Cowieson, Private, John H, 2/9 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Davie, Corporal, Mitchell, 1st Cameron Highrs
Davidson, Stoker, James, HMS Queen Mary
Dollans, Private, Wm, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Dunn, Private, John, King's Own Scottish Borderers
Fitzsimons, Gunner, James Milroy, Canadian Artillery
Foster, Private, Malcolm, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Gillespie, 2nd Lieutenant, David A, 3rd Border Regiment
Gillespie, Sergeant, Geoffrey B, 5th Dorset
Graham, Gunner, John A, MM, RFA
Green, Corporal, Robert, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Greer, Private, Gilbert Thomson, 1/7 Gordon Highlanders
Hogg, Private, James Gordon, 9th Highland Light Infantry
Keith, Corporal, James, Scottish Horse
Kemp, Lance-Corporal, William, 2nd Scottish Rifles
Kempton, Lance-Corporal, John, 50th Canadians
Kempton, Private, Thomas, 14th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Kennedy, Private, Kenneth, 1st Seaforth Highlanders
Kennedy, Corporal, Matthew, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Kerr, Sapper, Robert, RE
Laing, Private, Alexander, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
McArthur, Private, James, RASC
Macdonald, Private, Alexander, Scottish Rifles
McHaffie, Sergeant, William John, South African MTC
McKellar, Corporal, Archibald, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
MacKenzie, Corporal, John R, Mom Star, RGA
McPherson, Private, George, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Miller, Private, John, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Mitchell, Lance-Corporal, David W, 2nd Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Smith, Sergeant, David, 3rd Gordon Highlanders
Smith, 2nd Lieutenant, Harry Gordon, 4th (attached 12th) Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

List of those who also served

Alston, Signaller, C S, RGA
Armstrong, Sergeant, Wm, RE
Atkinson, Private, Wm, Scots Guards
Baillie, Private, Thos, Royal Scots
Beckett, Lance-Corporal, James, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Biles, Captain, Andrew W, MC, RE
Bruce, PO, J C, RNAS Armoured Cars and MTRASC
Buchanan, 2nd Lieutenant, Jas F, JDCM, 4th Gordon Highlanders
Buchanan, Sapper, Malcolm, RE
Buchanan, Lance-Corporal, Robert, 1/9 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Buchanan, Sapper, Walter, RE
Caldwell, Lance-Corporal, Charles, 8th Seaforth Highlanders
Cameron, Miss Mhairi W, VAD
Cameron, Captain, Wm Moore, RAMC
Campbell, Private, Harry, Highland Light Infantry
Campbell, Private, John, Gordon Highlanders
Cadzow, Cadet, Charles, RFA
Cooke, Captain, R Sutherland, 5th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Collier, CPO, Harry Boyer, Royal Navy
Cordner, Signaller, Fred J T L, RFA
Cordner, Driver, Sam C, RFA
Cosser, Trooper, J, Royal Scots Greys
Coulter, Private, George, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Coyle, Private, Andrew, 8th Gordon Highlanders
Cross, Staff Nurse, Jean
Cruickshank, Private, G, Transport Service
Cruickshank, Sapper, James, IWT, RE
Davie, Private, Douglas, Highland Light Infantry
Davidson, Private, John, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Dewar, 2nd Lieutenant, J F, Highland Light Infantry
Dickson, Private, John, 1/9 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Downie, Gunner, RA and FC Command
Drummond, Private, James, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Duncan, Private, George, RAMC
Duncan, Private, John, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Duncan, Lieutenant, T D A, Garrison Artillery
Dunn, Sergeant, Alex, MM, Mons Star, 2nd Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Easton, Private, J A R, 18th MVS, Royal Serbian Army
Edwards, Private, James, MGC
Ferguson, Stoker, James, HMS Ebro
Ferguson, ERA, John, HMS Orion
Ferguson, Private, J, CFC
Fergusson-Buchanan, Lieutenant-Col, Geo J, 8th RSF
Fitzsimons, Sergeant, Robert, KO Yorks
Fitzsimons, Private, Wm F, MM, 5th Cameron Highlanders
Foster, Private, Allan, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Freebairn, Lieutenant, Charles J, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Freebairn, Private, John B, 13th Black Watch
Freebairn, Private, Thomas W, RASC, MT
Gait, Stoker, Alexander R, HMS Blonde
Gauslin, Sapper, W, RE
Gibson, Private, D, 1/7 Highland Light Infantry
Gillespie, Sergeant, S Cyril, MT (Canadian)
Gillespie, Lieutenant, W R, RAF
Goldie, Corporal ,Alexander M, 5th Highland Light Infantry
Gower, Corporal, George, 13 th Royal Scots
Graham, Sister, A, QAIMNScottish Rifles
Graham, Sister, C, TFNS
Graham, ERA, William, HMS Sharpshooter
Graham, Sergeant, Donald, 12th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Graham, Sergeant, J, IWT
Gray, Private, Robert, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Grant, Sergeant, James, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Green, Private, Isaac, DCM, 9th Black Watch
Green, Private, John, 7th Seaforth Highlanders
Greer, Private, Alexander, 6th Cameron Highlanders
Greer, Private, William, King's Own Scottish Borderers
Grierson, 2nd Lieutenant, David, 1st Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Hamilton, Corporal, W G, 5th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Hamilton, Lance-Corporal, Gavin, 6th Camerons
Hammond, Sapper, James B, RE
Hampstead, Gunner, J, RGA
Hawthorne, Private, David, Gordons and Highland Light Infantry
Hay, Private, William, 9th Black Watch
Hendry, Private, John B, 1 5th Worcester Regiment
Hendry, Driver, David, RE
Henshilwood, Corporal, George, 12th Royal Scots
Hiquebran, Sapper, A, Canadians
Howard, Corporal, Geo W, RAF
Hogg, Private, George, 7th Cameron Highlanders
Huddlestone, Lieutenant, J H, 5th Highland Light Infantry
Huddlestone, Lieutenant, W S, RFA
Jamieson, Gunner, Alex, RGA
Jamieson, Private, Andrew, Gordon Highlanders
Jamieson, Staff-Sergeant, R, MM, RHA
Johnston, Lieutenant, G A, 7th Highland Light Infantry
Johnston, Lieutenant, H L, RFC
Kennedy, Private, John, 1/8 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Kennedy, Private, Robert, 4th Cameron Highlanders
Kennedy, Thomas, 1st Seaforth Highlanders
Laidlaw, RQMS, T D, MM, 5th Camerons and RASC
Laing, Private, Ernest, 4th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Leckie, Cadet, R H, RAF
Leckie, Lieutenant, Samuel, 7th Scottish Rifles
Leckie, Private, W, Canadians
Leitch, Private, Ab, Lanarkshire Yeomanry
Litster, Private, Wm S, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Livingston, Private, Hugh, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Logan, Sapper, G M, RE
Logan, Seaman, J W, HMS Thames
Logan, Lance-Corporal, John, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Logan, Sapper, M, RE
Logan, Private, W, Seaforth Highlanders
McCaskill, Private, Archibald, 10th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
McClure, Private, Thomas, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
MacDonald, Trooper, John, Royal Scots Greys
MacDonald, Gunner, Joseph, RE
MacDonald, Private, W K, Mechanical Transport
MacGregor, Captain, Fredk, MC, MM, 2nd Northamptonshire
McGregor, Stoker, Andrew, HMS Barham
McGregor, Private, James, Black Watch
McHaffie, Private, David B, Australian M Division
McHaffie, CERA John A, HMS Lion
McHaffie, Miss Mary, VAD
Mclnnes, Staff-Sergeant, John, DCM, 57th Siege Battery, RGA
Mackay, Private, Charles, 6th Highland Light Infantry
McKechnie, Corporal, Neil, Black Watch
McKechnie, Bdr, Samuel S, RGA
MacKenzie, Mrs, George, VAD
Mackenzie, Lieutenant, John C, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
MacKenzie, Private, Ralph W E, 5th Cameron Highlanders
Mackenzie, Col, Sir Robt C, CS, KBE, VD, Comm 3rd Line Lowland Division
McKerracher, Sapper, Lewis, RE
McKerracher, Lance-Corporal, Robert, Highland Light Infantry
McKimmie, Private, William, Black Watch
MacLachlan, Signaller, Charles J, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
McLaren, Private, Alex, Northumberland Fusiliers
McLean, Lance-Corporal, Thomas, MM, Machine Gun Corps
McLellan, Private, William, 2nd Gordons
McMillan, Sapper, D, RE
McMurtrie, Private, William, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
McNaught, Private, Thomas, 7th Cameron Highlanders
McPherson, Private, James Bald, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
McPherson, Private, John, New Zealand Contingent
McPherson, Lance-Corporal, Robert, NGR
Mainds, Captain, Allan D, RFA (Special Reserve)
Mathieson, 2nd AM, John, RAF
Melville, Private, James M, 2nd Gordon Highlanders
Miller, Private, James, Scots Guards
Mitchell, Corporal, G A, RE
Mitchell, Sapper, Robert, Canadians
Morrison, Private, John, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Morrison, Private, R, Gordon Highlanders
Morton, Sapper, Thomas, RE
Napier, Miss, Ellis, VAD
Napier, Captain, H A M, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders and RE Signal Service
Napier, Captain, I P R, MC, Legion d’honneur and Croix de Guerre, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders and Royal Flying Corps
Napier, Lieutenant, James, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Neish, Private, John, 8th Black Watch
Paterson, Lieutenant, Alexander B, Border Regiment
Paterson, Cadet, George A, RE
Palmer, Lance-Corporal, T, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Paxton, Sapper, Robert, RE
Pitt, AB, Harry H, Royal Navy
Raeside, Corporal, Matt, MM, 1st King's own Scottish Borderers
Ramsay, Corporal, H W, Mons Star, 2nd Highland Light Infantry
Reid, Private, David, Seaforth Highlanders
Reid, Sapper, James, RE
Robertson, Trooper, James, Scots Greys
Robertson, Private, Wm, Canadian Scottish
Shank, Sapper, G W, CRT, Canadian Pioneers
Saunderson, Private, Saml S, 3rd Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Sinclair, Private, Andrew, Highland Light Infantry
Sinclair, Pioneer, Angus, RE
Smillie, Sapper, Charles, IWT, RE
Smith, Private, James, Scottish Rifles
Smith, Bdr, John, RGA
Smith, Private, William, Highland Light Infantry
Smith, A/M, Wm S, RFC
Stirling, Private, Thomas, 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Struthers, CQMS, Alexander, 47th Div Train, RASC
Stewart, Private, Newton, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Swan, Private, William, Royal Scots
Symington, Lieutenant, D A, RFC
Tait, Sapper, James, RE
Taylor, Sapper, George, IWT, RE
Taylor, Corporal, Peter, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Tambling, Staff-Sergeant, W, Tank Corps
Thomson, ERA, John, HMS Princess Royal
Timpany, Private, David, 1/9 Hants
Tinney, Private, George, 1/8 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Tosnie, Private, Samuel, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Townley, CQMS, John G, 15th Highland Light Infantry
Wallace, Lance-Corporal, Thomas, MM, RE
White, Private, William, 3rd Highland Light Infantry
Whyte, Private, John H, Black Watch

I have borrowed the parich church photograph from The Churches of Britain & Ireland website.

Friday, 2 December 2016

8135 Sgt Charles Holmes, 2nd Royal Warwickshire Regiment

I am currently reading In Good Company by The Hon William Fraser DSO, MC; 2nd, and later 1st, Battalion, Gordon Highlanders.  Contrary to regulations, the then Captain Fraser kept a diary of his time in the trenches. Pen & Sword have recently re-published these diary and letter extracts and they make fascinating reading.  More fascinating still, I think, is that the diary for the early part of 1914 survived at all as it fell into enemy hands and was subsequently liberated by Sgt C Holmes of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment; the subject of this post.  

Writing to Lord Saltoun, William Fraser's father, in May 1915, Sergeant Holmes returned William Fraser's diary and sent with it a covering note. He wrote:


I, Sergt C Holmes, have had this (Diary) in my possession ever since the 27th October 1914. How I became in possession of it I will relate to you. 

On the morning of the 27th October 1914 I was ordered to go and reconnoitre the country. After going about a quarter of a mile I came to a farm house which was occupied by civilians. I questioned him to see if he knew any troops had been locating anywhere around his village. He took me around the back and their I found rifles and packs belonging to the Gordon Highlanders. I made a report of this and then advanced a little further. I had with me 6 men at the time, all of a sudden a report from a machine gun rang out from our front. I at once sent 3 men to each flank. I crept on my hands and my knees. The machine gun opened fire on to the left flank. During the time they they was firing my right flank I crawled up and surprised them. I myself got up and rushed forward. There were 4 Germans with the gun. We took everything from them. By the time I had searched them my right flank had got up so they was well surrounded. This was where I found a wallet containing this Diary. I have saved it all the time, carrying it with me in all engagements I have been in.

Well Sir, it was on the 16th may 1915 I got wounded and still I clung to this diary. I am getting along nicely. I am at a convalescent Home as you see is my address. Hoping you get it safely. I could not send it from France as it was not allowed. So I have stuck to it through thick and thin. Hoping sir your son is still alive. I could not say for his whereabouts myself. Hoping you had had news of him. So Sir, I think I have explained all to you how I became in possession of this valuable Diary.

I am Sir
Your Obedient Servant
Sergt C. Holmes

I have retained the original spelling in the transcription above but broken the text into paragraphs. Lord Fraser's son, the late General Sir David William Fraser GCB, OBE, who edited his father's memoirs did not add any notes about Sergeant Holmes but this must be 8135 Sergeant Charles Holmes.

This man has papers that survive in WO 363 and which show that he was a Yorkshireman from Goole and had originally enlisted on the 4th January 1902 aged 19 years and four months, having already seen service with the 4th (Militia) Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment. He had soldiered in India for seven years before being transferred to the Army Reserve in 1910. Recalled as a reservist in 1914, he had arrived in France on the 4th October and received a gunshot wound to his left hand at Festubert on the 16th May 1915. Shortly after, this, and back in England, he returned the war diary to Lord Saltoun.

Charles Holmes returned to France with the 15th Battalion in April 1917 until wounded again; another gunshot wound to the left hand on the 13th May 1917, almost two years to the day since he had received the first wound. This finished the war for him and he returned to England where he was discharged in April 1919.

Charles's papers note that he had married Elizabeth Marshall in 1912 and the couple had two children born in 1913 and 1915. As well as his three campaign medals, Charles had also previously earned the India General Service Medal 1908-1935. 

Charles Holmes's papers can be viewed on Findmypast - subscription required.

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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Scots Guards enlistment registers

Findmypast has just published over 40,000 entries in Scots Guards enlistment registers covering the period 1799 to 1939.

There are three distinct series covered in the new release: officer enlistments, other rank enlistments, and a roll of officers and men who served during the Second Anglo-South African War (2nd Boer War).

The enlistment register format will be familiar to those who have already looked at Royal Tank Corps enlistment registers and Royal Artillery enlistment registers which are also published on Findmypast. As usual, it is the earlier registers which provide the most detail.

In the example below, extracts from the register entries of 4974 Frederick Munday and 4975 John Adamson who enlisted on the 7th and 10th August 1903 respectively, show the level of information packed into these registers.

Frederick Munday won the Military Medal twice whilst John Adamson received gunshot wounds to his left arm and right thigh on the 14th September 1914. His pension award is recorded on this document. Not shown in this extract are the men's next of kin and, in the case of Frederick Munday, his three children, all of whom will have been indexed and are searchable. The men's place of birth and year of birth have also been indexed.

The regimental number field is currently not populating on the free results' screen but this bug, introduced yesterday, is expected to be fixed by Monday, fingers crossed. In the meantime though, these records are hugely important, filling as they do, gaps left by missing service records. For that matter, look out for more Scots Guards records in 2017.

This latest release means that there are now over 65,000 Scots Guards records on Findmypast - and if you click on that last link you'll be able to see them all.

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Military Tribunals 1916-1918

Here's a link to proceedings from  military tribunals 1916-1918 which are published on Findmypast. I think these are fascinating and I'd' love to see more of them.  Surviving books are few and far between because they were supposed to be destroyed.  Thankfully there were those who disregarded the instruction.

Findmypast has published records for Northamptonshire (transcriptions only), Surrey and Poplar; over twenty-eight thousand records in total, although some names appear many times, the result of multiple appeals either by the man or by the employer on behalf of a man.

Typical information contained in the registers includes:

Applicant's name and occupation
Applicant's address
Applicant's age
Employer's name and business
Employer's address
Nature and grounds of application
Whether application made by the man or the employer
Date of appeal
Date and time of appearance
Outcome of the appeal

So as you can see, there's a lot of infromation there. For men whose applications were refused, cross-check their names on military records such as First World War medal index cards, First World War campaign medal rolls and of course First World War service and pension records (all 4.3m of them).

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Bridge of Allan - Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Bridge of Allan is a twon just north of Stirling in Scotland; not a large town by amy means and smaller still in 1914. And yet there are 444 names on this roll of honour. It was originally published in alphabetical order, making no distinction between those who were killed or died on active service, and those who served.  In the list below, I have ordered this by those who died, followed by those who served.

Those who died

John S Abercromby, 2nd Lieutenant, 17th Middlesex Regiment, Coneyhill
Laurence Allan, Driver, RASC (MT), Allanbank
William Anderson, Driver, RFA, Schoolhouse
William Anderson, Private, 7th A&S Highlanders, 17 Avenue Park
James Bell, Private, 7th A&S Highlanders, 12 Avenue Park
John Bell, Private, 10th Gordon Highlanders, 12 Avenue Park 
William Berry, Private, Black Watch, Craigarnhall
Hugh Bruce, Sergeant, 7th A&S Highlanders, 19 Avenue Park
Alexander Burns, Private, 5th A&S Highlanders, 2 Douglas Place
Robert Burns, Private, 16th Highland Light Infantry , 2 Douglas Place
James Campbell, Sergeant, 8th Gordon Highlanders, 36 Avenue Park
D N Campbell Ross, 2/Lieutenant, RFA, Napier House
William Cassels, Private, King's Royal Rifles, Oakville
John Clark, Gunner, RFA, Blairforkie Drive
Robert Clark, Private, RAOC, Blairforkie Drive
James Clink, Private, 7th A&S Highlanders, 7 Keirfield Cottages
Simon Cruikshank, Driver, RASC (MT), Langley
John Cummings, Private, 7th A&S Highlanders, Queen's Buildings
John M'Lellan Dewar, Lance-Corporal, 1st HCB, Ellenbank
Thomas D Dewar, Private, 26th Royal Fusiliers, Ellenbank
Hugh Drummond, Private, 1st Black Watch, Station Road
Fred Evans, Lance-Corporal, 1st Gordon Highlanders, Westerton
Andrew Ferguson, Trooper, 13th Hussars, 8 Victoria Cottages
William M Forbes, Private, Scottish Rifles, Allanbank
James Fotheringham, (MM, Corporal, CEF, Albert Place
J Lovat H Fraser, Lieutenant, 8th Cameron Hrs (attached MGC), Femfield
Duncan R Henderson, Private, CEF, Dhon Dholly
M Arnold Hepburn, Lieutenant, 2nd Seaforth Highlanders, Logie Aston
A Honeyman, Driver, RFA, Mid Lecropt
Andrew Guy Hutcheson, MC, M/D, Captain and Adjutant, Scottish Rifles, Eden House
James Kennedy, Lance-Corporal, 1st A&S Highlanders, Alexandria Cottage
R S Laidlaw, Lieutenant, HMS Melbourne Garnock
John Lannigan, Sergeant, 14th A&S Highlanders, Ivy View
Charles W Maclaren, Sergeant, 5th Scottish Panes, Ormiston
John M'Donald, Lance-Corporal, CEF, 1 Avenue Park
Samuel M'Donald, DCM, Private, CEF, 1 Avenue Park
James Meiklejohn, Private, CEF, Myrtle Villa
Harry S K Mellis, Bombardier, RGA, Coneyhill
Duncan K M'Farlane, Lance-Corporal, Imperial Camel Corps, Craigend (East)
James M'Geachin, Private, 7th A&S Highlanders, 45 Avenue Park
Richard M'Gillivray, Corporal, CEF, 20 Keirfield Cottages
Robert L M'Intyre, Private, 7th Lancashire Fusiliers, Sydenham
John M'Kee, Private, 2nd Cameron Highlanders, Inverallan Buildings
Allan M'Kenzie, Private, 2nd A&S Highlanders, Josephine Cottage
Harry M'Kenzie, Private, 2nd The Royal Scots, 32 Avenue Park
John M'Kenzie, Pte, 10th Gordon Highlanders, Castleview Dairy,
William Bruce M'Kenzie, Lance-Corporal, Black Watch, Castleview
Malcolm M'Kinnon, Corporal, 7th A&S Highlanders, Sunnylaw
Joseph M'Kinstrie, Private, 7th Cameron Highlanders, Drummond Place
Robert Munro, Sergeant, Black Watch, Thistle Cottage
William D Munro, MC, Croix de Guerre, Captain, 8th A&S Highlanders, Oakville
David Nicol, Captain, 14th A&S Highlanders, Grahamville
Walter W Primrose, Lieutenant, RAF, Dalrannoch
James Rae, Sergeant, 1st A&S Highlanders, Keirfield
James Rae, Private, 2nd Black Watch, Keirfield
Andrew Ramage, Private, 4th Seaforth Highlanders, Keirfield
James Ramsay, Lance-Corporal, 7th Cameron Highlanders, Inverallan Buildings
John R Ramsay, Corporal, 7th A&S Highlanders, Inverallan Buildings
David Rintoul, Lance-Corporal, 7th Cameron Highlanders, 30 Avenue Park
Henry W Robertson, 2/Lieutenant, 11th A&S Highlanders, Walmer House
John P Robertson, Private, 7th Royal Scots Fusiliers, 15 Victoria Cottages
Samuel Robertson, Sergeant, 10th Gordon Highlanders, 10 Keirield Cottages
William Robertson, MM, Private, Gordon Highlanders, Albert S Place
John Rodgers, MM, Private, 8th Gordon Highlanders, Old Gasworks Cottage
Ian Rose, Private, 6th Seaforth Highlanders, 3 Douglas Place
John Salmond, M/D, Sergeant, 2nd Black Watch, 6 Allanbank
Donald S Smurthwaite, 2/Lieutenant, Black Watch, Craigwallace
David Stalker, Private, 7th A & S Highlanders, Glendale
Harold Thompson, DSO, Croix de Guerre, Lieut - Colonel, 1st Royal Scots Fusiliers, Westerton House
William J Tod, Private, CEF (MGC), St Margaret's
Alistair St John M Warrand, Captain, 1st Black Watch (attached RFC), Lentran
Alexander D Watson, Lance-Corporal, 1st KOSB, 26 New Street
Henry R H Watson, ERA, HMS Hydra Westerton Villa
Oliver Watson, Sergeant, 7th A & S Highlanders, 26 New Street
William Watson, Driver, EASC (MT), Ashgrove
Charles J Williams, Private, 1st Black Watch, Sunnylaw
Andrew Wilson, Private, 1st Black Watch, 17 Victoria Cottages
William Wilson, Private, 6th Gordon Highlanders, 17 Victoria Cottages

Those who served

Archibald A Abercromby, 2/Lieutenant, 7th A&S Highlanders, Coneyhill
George M Abercromby, Corporal, Special Brigade, RE, Coneyhill
E M M Alexander, Captain, 10th Seaforth Highlanders, The Red House
Edward Allan, Sergeant, 1st Black Watch, Blairforkie Drive
James Allan, Private, RAVC, Blairforkie Drive
James Allan, Sergeant, CEF, Allanbank
James R Allan, MM, Private, Highland Light Infantry, Greenview
Peter H Allan, Private, 1st Gordon Highlanders, Allanbank
Robert Allan, Sergeant, NZEF, Allanbank
Thomas Allan, Sergeant, 1st Gordon Highlanders, Allanbank
William John Allan, Driver, RASC (HT), Allanbank
Archibald A Anderson, MM, Sergeant, 15th The Royal Scots, Schoolhouse
George R Anderson, Private, 7th A&S Highlanders, Victoria Place
Harvey, Anderson, Private, 10th A&S Highlanders, 5 Coney-hill (Road
James Anderson, Lance-Corporal, RE, South Lodge, Keir
James B Anderson, Driver, RASC (HT), 21 Avenue Park
John Anderson, MSM, Regiment Sergeant-Major, Black Watch, Schoolhouse
John Anderson, Private, 8th Black Watch, South Lodge, Keir
John Anderson, Pte, 4th Seaforth Highlanders, 5 Coneyhill Road
Robert Anderson, 1st A/C, RAF, 46 Avenue Park
Thomas Anderson, Lance-Cpl RE, 5 Coneyhill Road
William Anderson, Lance-Corporal, 9th Gordon Highlanders, Cosy Cottage
William Anderson, MM, Private, CEF, South Lodge, Keir
William A Atkinson, 2nd A/O, RAF, 4 Inverallan Buildings
William Balloch, Sergeant, 1st Gordon Highlanders, 24 Avenue Park
John R Banks, Private, 11th Scottish Rifles, 25 Avenue Park
Charles S Barclay, Rifleman, NZEF, Allan Cottage
William Barclay, Signaller, RFA, Allan Cottage
A S Barnwell, DSO, Belgian Croix de Guerre, Mentioned in Despatches (Three Times), Major, RFA, Parell
Edward Steward Bayne, Private, Civil Service Rifles, Station House
George Bennett, Driver, RASC (MT), Keirfield Farm
Angus Black, Bombardier, RGA, Drummond Cottage
William Edward Blair, Gunner, RGA, Thorn Villa
James Blyth, Private, 7th A & S Highlanders, Victoria Cottages
Roland Boswell, Corporal, London Scottish, Mount Ivor
Alexander Boyes, Sergeant, A&S Highlanders, Fountain Road
Thomas Brand, Private, AIF, Station Road
John Brown, Pioneer, Special Brigade, RE, Newark
Thomas Brown, Corporal, 1st Scots Guards, St Margaret's
Robert Bruce, Private, 13th Scottish Horse Battalion (RH), 19 Avenue Park
Walter Bruce, Private, Gordon Highlanders, 19 Avenue Park
Lewis Buchanan, Private, 2nd Black Watch, Inverallan
John Burnett, Drummer, 1st Black Watch, Henderson Street
Robert Burnett, Company Sergeant-Major, 2nd Black Watch, Henderson Street
James Burns, Lieutenant, Gordon Highlanders, 2 Douglas Place
John Burns, Corporal, Gordon Highlanders, 2 Douglas Place
Edmund A K Bussell, Private, 11th The Royal Scots, Drummond' Place
James Cadien, Sergeant, 1st Siege Coy, RARE, Union Street
Alexander Cameron, RASC, Bath Cottage
David Cameron, MM, Lance-Corporal, 2nd Gordon Highlanders, Ivy View
Henry O Cameron, Private, 5th A&S Highlanders, Ivy View
John Cameron, Sergeant, RASC, 16 Keirfield Cottages
John Cameron, Private, 6th Gordon Highlanders, Albert Place
A C Campbell, 2/Lieutenant, Westminster Cavalry, Station House
Aitkman Campbell, Private, 7th Batt, MGC, Blairforkie Drive
Charles Campbell, Corporal, RASC (MT), New Street
H S Campbell, Corporal, Northumberland Fusiliers, Station House
John H E Campbell, Private, 2nd Black Watch, Allanbank
Robert W K Campbell, Corporal, RAMC, Logielea
Thomas Campbell, Private, 9th The Royal Scots, Blairforkie Drive
W H Campbell, Bombardier, NZEF, Station House
William Campbell, Lance-Corporal, Black Watch, Rlairforkie Drive
William Campsie, Private, The Royal Scots, Henderson Street
Alexander Carmichael, Private, The Royal iScots, Carmichael's Hotel
James Carmichael, Private, CEF, Keirfield
A John Carmichael, MM, Driver, RASC (MT) Carmichael' s Hotel
John Carmichael, Private, CEF, Keirfield
Duncan Cheetham, Private, 13tih Scottish Horse Battalion (RH), 23 Avenue Park
James Cheetham, Lance-Corporal, RASC, Inverallan Buildings
John Cheetham, Private, Gordon Highlanders, 23 Avenue Park
Stewart Christison, Private, CEF, 4 Douglas Place
William Clink, Private, CEF, 7 Keirfield Cottages
Robert W Connon, Sergeant, KOSB, 4 Keirfield Cottages
Thomas Connon, Private, Black Watch, 4 Keirfield Cottages
Duncan Costelloe, Private, Gordon Highlanders, Thistle Bank
William J Costelloe, Lance-Cbrporal, 4th A&S Highlanders, Thistle Bank
John Crowe, Private, 5th Gordon Highlanders, Keirfield House
Robert B Crowe, Shoeing Smith, 6th Inniskilling Dragoons, Keirfield House
William Crowe, Private, 8th Seaforth Highlanders, Keirfield House
Archibald Cruickshank, MM, Sergeant, Black Watch, Langley
James W Cruickshank, Sergeant, RAMC, Grant Villa
Alfred Cummings, Private, 3rd MGC, Queen's Buildings
James A Cummings, Private, 7th A&S Highlanders, Queen's Buildings
J H Dallas, Corporal, 1st Cameron Highlanders, Roslyn Cottage
Thomas H Dalrymple, Cadet, OTC, York House
George M Davidson, Lieutenant, RSF, Louise Villa
James Dawson, Corporal, 4th Scottish Rifles, Fountain Terrace
William Cummings, Deck Hand, RN (Ord), Queen's Buildings
William Dewar, Private, 3rd Highland Light Infantry  Ellenbank
William Drummond, Private, CEF, 12 Keirfield Cottages
James Eadie, Driver, RASC (MT), New Street
John Eadie, Private, 8th Army Cyclist Corps, New Street
James Edgar, Lance-Corporal, 5th Cameron Hrs (MGC), 8 Victoria Cottages
William Elder, Staff-Sergeant, King's Liverpool Regiment, Allanslie
A G Erskine Hill, Staff-Captain and ADC, 3rd Cameron Highlanders, Coneyhill House
William Evans, Private, 1st Gordon Highlanders, Westerton
J Alexander Ewart, Private, 74th MGC, Haldane Cottage
Gilbert J Farie, MC, Captain, RAMC, Strathallan House
John Anderson, Farrier, RASC (HT), Cosy Cottage
Adam J Ferguson, Private, CEF, 18 Victoria Cottages,
Andrew Ferguson, Private, 6th The Royal Scots, Gaswork Cottages
James K Ferguson, Private, 4th Army Cyclist Corps, 8 Victoria Cottages
John Ferguson, Sergeant-Major, Seaforth Highlanders, 18 Victoria Cottages
John Ferguson, Private, 1st RSF, Police Station
Kenneth C Ferguson, Lieutenant, A&S Highlanders, Coneypark
Peter Ferguson, Driver, RASC (MT), Police Station
William Ferguson, Sergeant, 2nd Seaforth Highlanders,18 Victoria Cottages
Donald F Fergusson, Gunner, RFA, Logie Manse
David Findlay, 2nd Air Mechanic, RAF, Eden House
James A Findlay, Trooper, Canadian Light Horse, Glenbrae
David Flind, 2/Lieut, 9th A&S Highlanders, 38 Avenue Park
Alexander Forbes, senior, Lance-Corporal, 1st Scottish Rifles, Allanbank
Alexander Forbes, junior, Lance-Corporal, 7th A&S Highlanders, Allanbank
Arthur E Foster, Corporal, RASC, Deafleys
Walter E Fotheringham, Driver, RASC (HT), 16 Victoria Cottages
William Fraser, Private, Australian EF, Belmoir
James M Fullerton, 2/Lieutenant, RFA, Rosebank
Lionel W Fullerton, Lieutenant, Indian Army, Rosebank
R J Gerrard, Sergeant, 3rd Royal Sussex, Henderson Street
George H Gibson, Private, 11th Border Regiment, Claremont
Isaac Gibson, Private, RASC, Allanvale
A A Gordon, CBE, MVO, French and Belgian Croix de Guerre, both with Palms, Major, 9th The Royal Scots, Homehill
W E Gordon, VC, ADO to His Majesty the King, Colonel, 1st Gordon Highlanders, Homehill
Daniel K Gray, Private, 5th A&S Highlanders, Edgehill
George S Gray, 2nd Officer, MFA, Edgehill
James Gray, Private, 3rd Cameron Highlanders, Edgehill
David Green, Private, 13th The Royal Scots, Allanbank
William Green, Private, 17th The Royal Scots, Allanbank
David W Guthrie, Lieutenant, Special List (Recruiting Duties), Airthrey Croft
Samuel Hadden, Sergeant, Scottish Horse, Albert Cottage
Duncan Haggart, Private, 1st A&S Highlanders, 24 Avenue Park
Robert Haggart, Corporal, 2nd Scottish Rifles, 24 Avenue Park
George C Haldane, Lieut, 7th A&S Highlanders, Viewforth
Ian Buchanan Haldane, Lieutenant, 8th A&S Highlanders, Viewforth
Maurice R Haldane, Cadet, OTC, Viewforth
Charles A Hardy, 2nd A/M, RAF, Aboukir Villa
David R Henderson, M/D, Colonel, CF, Lecropt Manse
James S Henderson, Lieutenant, RASC, Allanvale
William S R Henderson, Lieutenant, Indian Army, Lecropt Manse
Edward Hill, Private, The Royal Scots, Blairforkie Drive
James Hill, Private, A & S Highlanders, Blairforkie Drive
R K Hill, Driver, CEE, Blairforkie Drive
Thomas Hill, Private, Gordon Highlanders, Blairforkie Drive i
Gordon Honeycombe, Lieutenant, King's Royal Rifles, $ 2 Queen's Hotel•
John Honeyman, Sapper, RE , 1 Keirfield Cottages
David Houston, Private, 9th Gloucester Regiment, 6 Allanvale
David Innard, AB, Transport Service, Blairforkie Drive
James A Innes, jun, Lance-Corporal, 7th Seaforth Highlanders, I Abbotsford
Peter Ireland, Private, 14th Black Watch, Allanview
James Ironside, Driver, RASC (HT), Allanbank
Alexander Irvine, Trooper, Lothians and Border Horse, J Westerton Arms Hotel
Thomas Irvine, Sapper, RE, Westerton Arms Hotel
Hugh Jamieson, Private, 8th A&S Highlanders, Keirfield
William Jamieson, Gunner, RGA, 5 Avenue Park
Archibald Kelly, 2/Lieutenant, A&S Highlanders, Craigrowan
Alexander Kennedy, MM, Lance-Corporal, 7thA&S Highlanders, Alexandria Cottage
John Kennedy, Bandboy, 1st A&S Highlanders, Alexandria Cottage
William Graham King, Gunner, RGA, Airthrey Kerse Farm
John Eadie Kinloch, Private, 7th A&S Highlanders, Allanbank
Mungo Kinloch, Sergeant, 8th A&S Highlanders, Allanbank
A B S Laidlaw, MO, M/D, Lieutenant, RE , Garnock
D K Laidlaw, Midshipman, HMS Courageous Garnock
David Laidlaw, M/D, Colonel, 16th Highland Ligth Infantry, Garnock
William Lannigan, Private, RAVC, Ivy View
William Lawrie, Parchment for Meritorious Service, Private, RAOC, Victoria Cottages
Douglas Lowe, 2/Lieutenant, 2nd Black Watch, Carseview
Fred W Lynes, Private, 4th Gordon Highlanders, Keirfield House
William Macfarlane, Lieutenant, RNR, Woodview
Allan N 'Maclaren, Corporal, 7th A&S Highlanders, Ormiston
Donald H Maclaren, Gunner, EG A, Ormiston
Robert Meiklejohn, Major, RASC, Myrtle Villa
George M M'Alpine, Corporal, RASC, Roslyn Cottage
John Mann, Private, CEF, Alangrange
Allan Marshall, Corporal, RE (MGC), Jeanie Bank
David Marshall, Private, 6th Seaforth Highlanders, 34 Avenue S Park
James Marshall, Staff- Sergeant, RASC, Jeanie Bank
John S Marshall, Driver, RASC (MT), Jeanie Bank
James A M'Arthur, Flight Cadet, RAF, Kilmorna
John M'Arthur, Private, 8th A&S Highlanders, Williamfield
Peter M'Beth, Sergeant, RAVC, Craigview
Charles E S M'Kay, Sapper, RE, Sunnyside
John H M M'Leish, Private, 1st Black Watch, Blairforkie Drive
Hugh MTLeven, Bandsman, Royal Warwickshires, Albert Place
Frank M'Culloch, Sergeant, 15th KOYLI , Albert Cottage
John M'Culloch, Private, 12th United States Infantry, Albert Cottage
Alexander M'Donald, Sapper, RE, 9 Allanvale
James M'Donald, Guardsman, Scots Guards, Pendreich Farm
Ronald M'Donald, Staff-Sergeant, CEF, 1 Avenue Park
Alexander Meiklejohn Corporal, A&S Highlanders, Myrtle Villa
James P Menzies, Pioneer, RE (SB), 33 Avenue Park
Robert Menzies, Signaller, RE {Tank Corps), 15 Keirfield Cottages
James M'Ewen, Private, Gordon Highlanders, Pendreich
Arthur J Meyer, Private, 7th A&S Highlanders, Ferndale
Walter M'Farlane, Corporal, RAS'C (MT), Abercromby Drive
William M'Geachin, Private, CEF, 45 Avenue Park
Edmund M'Gibbon, Private, 7th Cameron Highlanders, Bell House
George M'Gibbon, Lance-Corporal,A&S Highlanders, Bell House
Donald M'Gillivray, junior Sergeant, 8th A&S Highlanders, 9 Victoria Cottages
Duncan M'Gillivray, Driver, RASC (MT), Grant Villa
John M'Gillivray, Sergeant CEF, 22 Victoria Cottages
Richard M'Gillivray, Private, 4th Gordon Highlanders, 20 Keirfield Cottages
Alexander M'Gregor, Lieut-Colonel, RASC, Westlea
J Mackay M'Gregor, 2nd Corporal, RE (Signal Coy), Archoille
Thomas B M'Gregor, Trooper, QORGY, Ivy Lodge
Francis G D Miller, Staff-Captain, Scottish Command, Kilmore
James Miller, Driver, RASC (MT), 6 Coneyhill Road
James Miller, Private, Durham Light Infantry, Ochil Park Cottages
John W E Miller, Croix de Guerre with Palms, M/D (Twice), Staff-Captain and ADC, 12th A & S Highlanders, Chalmers Manse
Joseph C Miller, Lieutenant, RAOC, Springfield
James M'Innes, MSM, Sergeant, 1st Cameron Highlanders, Keirfield House
Robert M'Innes, 1st Air Mechanic, RAF, Keirfield House
Owen M'Intosh, Private, RAOC, Westend Cottage
Alan D M'Intyre, Private, 2nd Seaforth Hrs Sydenham
Charles M'Intyre, Trooper, Lothians and Border Horse, Sydenham
John M'Intyre, Private, SAR, Sydenham
William M'Intyre, Private, Gordon Highlanders, Allanhank
Alexander Mitchell, Private, RASC (MT), Station Road
John S Mitchell, Captain, RAMC, Bloomingfield
William Mitchell, Sergeant, 12th The Royal Scots, Station Road
William Mitchell, Private, 1st A&S Highlanders, Allanbank
John J M'Kay, Private, 3rd The Royal Scots, Gladney
Andrew M'Kee, Private, CEF, Keirfield House
David M'Kee, Private, 3rd Highland Light Infantry, Lecropt Cottage
Robert M'Kee, Private, CEF, Keirfield House
Neil M'Kenzie, Private, RAVC, Keirfield
Robert M'Kenzie, Private, RNAS, 32 Avenue Park
Thomas M'Kenzie, Lieutenant, A&S Highlanders, Castleview
William M'Kenzie, Private, 51st Batt, MGC, Castleview Dairy
George M'Kinnon, Gunner, EG A, Sunnylaw
Roderick M'Kinnon, MM, Sergeant, 6th Black Watch, Sunnylaw
Archibald G M'Laren, 2/Lieutenant, 3rd A&S Highlanders, Allanvale
Duncan M'Laren, Corporal, RASC, New Street
George M'Laren, Sapper, EE, New Street
James M'Laren, Private, A&S Highlanders, New Street
John M'Laren, CQMS, A&S Highlanders, New Street
John M'Laren, CSM, West Yorkshire Regiment, New Street
William M'Laren, Private, Australian EF, New Street
Andrew M'Leish, senior, Private, 1st Black Watch, Blairforkie Drive
Andrew M'Leish, junior, Drummer, 1st Black Watch, Blairforkie Drive
Robert M'Leish, Drummer, 1st Black Watch, BlairforkieDrive
William M'Leod, Driver, RASC (MT), Centrehill
John Morris, Gunner, RGA, Glendale
A Roberts Morrison, Cadet Gunner, OTC, Roselea
William Morrison, 1st Air Mechanic, RAF, Fountain Road
John Sutherland, MSM, Company Quartermaster Sergeant, Royal Army Service Corps, Bridge of Allan Inn
William Muirhead, CQMS, HCB, Greenoaks
Alexander Munro, Driver, RASC (MT), Gowanbrae
Hector B Munro, Ord Tel, RNVR (WT), Gowanbrae
William Munro, Driver, RASC (MT), Westlea
James Neilson, Private, 5th Scottish Rifles, Coneyhill Road
William J Neilson, Driver, RFA, Keirfield
James Noble, Driver, RASC (MT), 9 Allanvale
John B Noble, Private, 4th The Royal Scots, 9 Allanvale
Ralph Ormiston, Signaller, RGA, Auburn
Harry Oulton, Gunner, RGA, Camden
George Paterson, Gunner, RGA, Craigdownings
John Paul, Private, RAMC, Old Keir
John Petrie, Private, 5th A&S Highlanders, 5 Victoria Cottages
Arthur E Philp, OBE, Engineer Lieutenant, RMS Empress of Britain Allanbank
Alexander Pitt, Private, 10th A&S Highlanders, Craigview
David Preston, Private, 1st Cameron Highlanders, Shaw Villa
Robert Preston, Lance-Cpl, RE (Pay Staff), Shaw Villa
William J Preston, Lance-Corporal, 1st Gordon HighlandersShaw Villa
John Ure Primrose, Midshipman, HMS Oberon Dalrannoch
Robert Primrose, Lieutenant-Colonel, RNVR, (CF), Dalrannoch
Frank J Pullar, Major, 15th A&S Highlanders, Ettrick House
John D Rae, 2nd A/M, EAF, Keirfield
Kenneth Rattray, Corporal, RASC (MT), 1 Victoria Cottages
Arthur Reid, Corpora], CEF, Mar Lodge
David Reid, Private, 60th MGC, 10 Avenue Park
George Reid, Lance-Corporal, 1st Black Watch, 26 Avenue Park
William Reid, Private, 7th A&S Highlanders, 36 Avenue Park
William Reid, Driver, RASC (MT), 29 Avenue Park
William J Reid, Sapper, RE, Coneyhill Road
William J Reid, Lance-Corporal, 7th A&S Highlanders, 35 Avenue Park
David Ronald Ritchie, Chevalier du Legion D' Honneur, Lieutenant-Commander, Royal Navy, Glenlora
Harry George Ritchie, Captain, RFA, Glenlora
William Ritchie, Corporal, MGC, Allanbank
Charles A L Robertson, Corporal, APC, 2 Keirfield Cottages
James Robertson, Private, 2nd Cameron Highlanders, 3 Keirfield Cottages
James R Robertson, Croix de Guerre, Lieutenant, CMR, 2 Keirfield Cottages
John Robertson, Private, NZEF, 5 Keirfield Cottages
John Robertson, Private, 1st Cameron Highlanders, Bell House
John H Robertson, Sergeant, 3rd Seaforth Highlanders, 2 Keirfield Cottages,
Peter Robertson, Private, 6th Cameron Highlanders, 15 Victoria Cottages
Samuel Robertson, jun, Private, 7th A&S Highlanders, 2 Keirfield Cottages
William Robertson, MM, Private, 5th Black Watch, 3 Keirfield Cottages
William Robertson, Private, RAVC, 15 Victoria Cottages
William Rose, Private, Gordon Highlanders, 3 Douglas Place
Alexander Ross, Private, 6th Manchester Regiment, Gasworks Cottages
John C Ross, Ord Tel, RNVR (WT), Ashley House,
George Saddler, Sergeant, SAMR, Bairn's Burn
Thomas Saddler, Private, Royal Irish Fusiliers, Bairn's Burn
Thomas Saddler, Lance-Cpl, 7th Seaforth Highlanders, Newark
Henry Salmond, MM, Lance-Corporal, RE, 6 Allanbank
Alexander Scott, Captain, RAMC, The Orchard
James Scott, M/D, Captain, 7th The Royal Scots, The Orchard
Robert Scott, Major, RAMC, The Orchard
George Shanks, Sergeant, A&S Highlanders, New Street
Robert Sharp, Private, Seaforth Highlanders, 10 Victoria Cottages
Frank Shore, Private, 8th Gordon Highlanders, Roslyn
Robert Shore, CQMS, 2nd Gordon Highlanders, Roslyn
James C Sievewright, Driver, RASO (MT), Inverallan Buildings
George Sim, MM, Sergeant, 'RAMC, Shaw Villa
James R Sim, Award from Lloyds for Meritorious Conduct, Officer, SlS Ben Ledi Shaw Villa
John Sim, Bombardier, RGA, Shaw Villa
Lachlan Sinclair, Private, 4th The Royal Scots, Albert Cottage
James Smart, Corporal, CEF, Woodside
John Smart, Private, SA Scottish, Woodside
Peter Smith, Driver, RASC, Allanbank
Francis Snow, Captain, RNT, St Ann's
Francis O Snow, 2nd Officer, MFA, St Ann's
Robert Spittal, QMS, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Douglas Place
Andrew Stalker, Sapper, RE, Glendale
James Stalker, Sapper, RE, Glendale
John Stalker, Sergeant, 9th Gordon Highlanders, Glendale
Thomas O Stalker, Private, 8th Gordon Highlanders, Glendale
William Steel, 2/Lieutenant, Black Watch, 9 Keirfield Cottages
Osborne Watson, Steward, SS War Plum Westerton Villa
Alexander Stewart, Private, North Staffordshire Regiment, Ivy View
Donald Stewart, Private, North Stafford Regiment, 9 Allanvale
James Stewart, Corporal, RAMC, 16 Avenue Park
William Strachan, Sapper, Royal Engineer, Ashley House
Alexander C Summers, Sergeant, 1st Royal North Devon Hussars, Henderson Street
Benjamin Sutherland, Sergeant, CEF, Station Road
Charles B Sutherland, Private, 4th Gordon Highlanders, 14 Victoria Cottages
George D Sutherland, Sapper, RE, 14 Victoria Cottages
James R Sutherland, Ord Tel, RNVR (WT), 8 Allanbank
John Sutherland, Sergeant-Major, 2nd Black Watch, Station Road
John T Sutherland, Guardsman, 2nd Scots Guards, Police Station
W Alexander Sutherland, Lance-Corporal, 10th Gordon Highlanders, 14 Victoria Cottages
Joseph Syson, 2/Lieutenant, RAMC, Douglas Place
William C Syson, Gunner, RFA, Douglas Place
Alexander Thomson, Lance-Corporal, Black Watch, Allanbank
Andrew Thomson, Sergeant, 5th A&S Highlanders, 42 Avenue Park
Andrew Thomson, Sergeant, 5th Gordon Highlanders, Bairn's Burn
James Thomson, Private, Northumberland Fusiliers, Stead's Farm
Robert Turnbull, Lieutenant, RGA, Thirladene
John Upfold, Trooper, RAMC (FASH), Alangrange
James Walker, Private, Royal Scots Fusiliers, Old Gasworks Cottage
George Walls, 2nd Lieutenant, RAF, Castleview
William Y Walls, DFC, Captain, RAF, Castleview
James D Watson, Pte 7th A&S Highlanders, 26 New Street
John Watson, Private, 17th Indian MGC, Keirfield Farm
John Watson, Pte, 6th Black Watch, 4Cousine's Buildings
William Watson, Private, London Scottish, 4 Cousine's Buildings
John B Watt, Sapper, BE, Lea Cottage
Peter Webster, Sergeant, RE, Drummond Place
William H Welsh, Greek Military Medal for Merit, Major, RAMC, The Hawthorns
James Whitehead, 2nd Air Mechanic, RAF, Victoria Place
Andrew Wilkie, Driver, RFA, Bell House
Bruce Wilkie, Driver, RFA, Bell House
James Wilkie, Sergeant, RASC, Bell House
Albert Williams, Private, CEF, Sunnylaw
George Williams, Private, CEF, Sunnylaw
Robert J Williams, Gunner, CEF, Sunnylaw
James Wilson, Guardsman, 1st Scots Guards, 17 Victoria Cottages
James Wilson, Private, 11th A&S Highlanders, 12 Allanvale
James A S Wilson, Captain, CEF, The Manse
John Wilson, Private, 5th Gordon Highlanders, 17 Victoria Cottages
William Wilson, Private, 10th A&S Highlanders, Blairforkie Drive
Andrew Wingate, Lance-Corporal, 10th A&S Highlanders, 7 Avenue Park
William W Wright, Sapper, RE, Greenkerse Farm
Alexander M Wylie, jun, Lieutenant, RE, Langlands
Andrew R, Wylie, M/D,-Lieutenant, RFA, Langlands
Fred J Yates, Gunner, Tank Corps, Bath House

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