Saturday, 20 June 2015

Cheshire Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

I happened to have a couple of hours to kill when I was in Chester the other week and so popped into the cathedral hoping to find memorials to Chester or Cheshire-related units. I was not disappointed. The window above is one of many stained glass windows in the cloister garden and I took photos of all of those which related to the services.
This particular window is dedicated in memory of the members of the Cheshire Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, a Territorial Force unit. The theatres in which the Brigade served appear in panels to the left and right:

whilst the simple panel below indicates that there is further detail to be found inside the cathedral.

Here it is:

The names on this roll are as follows:

Major C W Newton
Lieutenant R H Lord
Lieutenant D F Lord
Lieutenant J L Manford
Lieutenant D L Nicholas
Lieutenant S M Pollard
Lieutenant Timmans
Lieutenant C Wrigley
Gunner J Alsop
Bombardier A Ampson
Gunner G Banks
Gunner J Bellis
Bombardier H Benson
Sergeant F Bird
Bombardier W G Boardman
Gunner J Bradshaw
Gunner R R Catley
Driver W Chadderton
Sergeant W Chick
Driver J M Coglan
Driver H G Cottrill
Driver A Croft
Sergeant C Dymond
Gunner W Fleet
Corporal G Goble
Gunner F Harrison
Driver J Helme
Driver J Henderson
Driver F Howard
Driver A V Hughes
Shoeing Smith H F Jenkins
Gunner W Jennings
Gunner W R Jones
Gunner G H Lewis
Gunner W Marshall
Gunner T Mason
Gunner T Meacock
Gunner W Millington
Shoeing Smith J F Mulligan
Driver G Moss
Gunner R Pace
Gunner J D Parry DCM
Gunner R Peers
Driver A J Randles
Driver J Roach
Gunner G M C Roberts
Gunner G Roberts
Driver G Roberts
Signaller J D Roberts
Gunner R F Ryder
Gunner J Rylance
Sergeant R Simon
Gunner G Steele
Gunner G Sumner
Gunner W Thelwell
Driver E F Thomas
Gunner E F Thomas
Driver S Thomas
Driver J Tomkinson
Gunner H H Walley
Gunner G Warburton
Gunner R H Waring
Gunner L Warren
Gunner W Wildig
Driver G W Williams
Driver H Woodworth
Shoeing Smith A Yates

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM
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