Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Military Historical Society

I've just re-joined the Military Historical Society. I was a member a few years back and then let my membership lapse. However, I was flicking through some back issues the other week and remembered what a well-informed membership they have. The society produces four bulletins annually, plus the occasional special number. They've just published their latest special and it's a real cracker on the Machine Gun Corps and the flashes and badges worn during the First World War.

Membership of the society costs £20 per annum if you're in the UK and runs from January to January. However if, like me, you decide to join mid-way through the year, you'll be sent the bulletins for the year that have already been published plus, in this case, the special edition too.  Well worth the membership fee I'd say, particularly as the MGC special edition has a stand-alone price of £10.

For more information on the MHS, visit their website.

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